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Body Wrap is a body treatment. These treatments are often referred to as beauty treatments. We call them body mask, as your body is wrapped with the wrap mixture.

Body Wrap for weight loss

Body wraps can be used as weight loss techniques but be careful, they are dangerous in some cases. Body wraps have been used long time ago since 1950s. Because our skin is our largest sensory organ it can be used to heal cures and wounds. Similarly, your skin can be used to detoxify your body.

For this purpose, your body wrap must include mud detox, clay, sea salts, mineral solution, vitamin C and E. Read more on…

What are body wraps?

Body wraps can be used to lose weight. They can  help you lose inches in specific skin areas like waist, thighs and belly. These skin areas are capable of storing more fat as compared to other skin areas.  Most often, cellulite problems occur in these skin areas.

anti-cellulite massage

anti-cellulite massage

Advantages of body wraps

Body wraps are like a coin with two faces. They offer great benefits but they are dangerous too!

Dangers of Body Wraps

Everything has certain benefits and some disadvantages. Body wraps do provide benefits but they can be harmful like infrared body wraps. Body wrap mixture is not a dangerous one but heat therapies, ultra sound and steam room can cause problems….


History of Body Wraps

Body wraps have become famous now. But where it all started? Read more on History of Body wraps.

Do Body Wraps Really Work?

This is a question of significant importance. Before spending money on body wraps, take a look at this article.

cellulite causes

cellulite causes

Cellulite Body Wraps

Cellulite body wraps can be used to reduce cellulite hidden in your skin areas like legs, thighs, hips and stomach.




Herbal Body Wraps

Alovera moisturizer for body wraps

aloevera as a moisturizer for body wrap

Herbal body wrap is the safest application to do, if you want to try this procedure. Ingredients are natural elements and are safe to use……