Discovery Fit and Health

Discovery fit and health, A review by SLimCA

A review by SlimCA! In a show on Friday 2 may, they showed a 33 year old twin who undergoes a complicated surgery where she gets to know that she is expecting triplets. Content at the first glance is unbelievable but discovery fit and health channel support their content with evidence. Launched on February 1, 2011 Discovery fit and health

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Eden Surgical Center, CA

Hospitals always have a scary and cold atmosphere and that is why so many of us are afraid of visiting hospitals. Founded in 2001, Eden surgical center is the only surgical center in Calasbasas, CA. Address is as follow: 23951Craftsman road Calasbasas, CA 91302 website: Eden Surgical Center Review They do accept many payment plans including your health insurance

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LA Chiro Spa And Holistic Center, CA

LA Chiro Spa & Wellness Center, CA   A review by SlimCA! Address: 28047 Dorothy Drive Suite 209, Aguora Hills, CA 91301 Phone: (818) 707-4488 phone: (818) 294-7090 Website:     LA Chiro Spa & Wellness Center Services   Los Angeles Chiro spa slimming center specializes in massages, acupuncture, chiropractic, weight loss and other healing techniques. You can use

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Crystalline Healing Center, Los Angeles, CA

Crystalline healing center

A review by SlimCA! Crystalline healing center specializes in massage and healing therapies. Massage can be used as the most amazing healing technique because it releases tension and anxiety. Crystalline healing center uses unique and powerful techniques to help you achieve energetic balance and harmony; so that you can release emotional blocks which are the main causes of physical pain

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City Spa and Health Center, CA Los Angeles

City spa and health center offers services like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, body wraps, body scrubs and bath treatments. Their area of specialization is the Russian Rock room. For further details, watch this video: Russian Rock Room In Russian rock sauna room, you will receive heat at approximately 180 t0 200 degrees. Russian rock room is here

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How to Get Rid of Insomnia?

Tips for a better sleep by SlimCa

Tips to Get Rid of Insomnia? We have all had that terrible night experience, when we want to sleep well but cannot. No matter, how hard we tried; our mind was wandering from one thought to the other one. There can be many reason, why you cannot sleep well like You watched a horror movie Family issues Business problems Health

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Love Thyself Spa!

Love Thyself A review by SlimCA

Address: 101 S Coit Rd#349, Richardson, TX 75080, United States A review by SlimCA. You can feel the difference. At Love Thyself Spa they claim that you will notice the change in your first visit at Thyself Spa. Staff is very nice and at every moment they are present to help you. They really make you feel at home so

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Slimming Centers of CA

1.Mitri Face And Beauty 2.Slim Beauty Center 3.La Bella Laser and Slimming Center 4.Cosmetic surgery and laser center thomas barnes 5.New vogue beauty and slimming center 6.Pacific rejuvenation medical care 7.Medshape weight loss 8. 24 Hour fitness gyms in Los Angeles, CA 9.Body Wrap clinic,inc 10.Body wraps 11. Tip Top Body Wraps 12. Hollywood Gym, Los Angeles, CA 13. Slim

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