Benicia Health and Fitness, CA

Benicia health and fitness club, CA

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Address: 1150 W 7th St, Benicia, CA 94510, United States
Phone:+1 707-751-0273

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Benicia health and fitness club, CA

Benicia health and fitness club, CA

Benicia health and fitness covers an area of approximately 32,000 square feet. This gym is meant to facilitate everyone including infants and old ones. You can try their programs according to your fitness level and strength. Kids can play here and you can enjoy your exercise work outs. They have a play room for kids under 7 years old where they can be supervised.
Children older than 7 years can try their fitness programs if parental guidance in available. Benicia health and fitness offers a variety of programs which include aerobics, yoga, circuits, weights, pilates performa and sauna. They have a juice bar to refresh you. Lockers and towel services are also available.
At Benicia health and fitness you can attend group classes which are held nearly 70 times in a week. This gym promotes collaborative environment where you work with each other. Personal training is also available. You can do the exercises yourself or you can follow a mentor. Both options are easily available at minimum costs.
Guest passes are also given away for a day, week and a month at 14$, 45$ and 100$ respectively. Kids can attend different programs here including circuit training, weight lifting and yoga. Kids packages are available. One child can attend this slimming center at a cost of 3$ per day.


Benicia health and fitness kids club, CA

Benicia health and fitness, CA

They have annual memberships but you do not have to become a member to enjoy their services. You can use their daily, weekly and monthly plans with no membership charges. Their major area of expertise is spa and fitness programs. Spa services include hydro-massage, sauna and tanning*.
Benicia health and fitness is good for your children. They have a separate    parking area and they do accept credit card( visa, master card, discover and     American express).
* Note:
According to California laws, anyone younger than 18 years cannot use tanning beds. 5 states including California, Illinois, Nevada, Texas and Vermont followed this law. Hope this law helps in prevention of skin cancer.