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Raw Sports Performance & Center For Strength

Raw Sports Performance & Center For Strength 
+1 925-930-0519 1543 
Palos Verdes Mall Walnut Creek CA
94597 United States
Owned by Tom Pete, Raw Sports provides Hybrid strength training& conditioning for athletes, working professionals, competitive lifters, and much more. The programs here consist of sports performance, adult training, and aerobic training. They give the following options in memberships: 
1)One month individualized training membership-$180>$99 per additional family member. 
2)5%off of 3 months individualized training membership-$540>$99 per additional family member. 
Long Term Memberships:
1)10%off of 6 months individualized training membership
2)15% off of 12-month individualized training membership-$180x12 months>$99 per additional family membership. 
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