Does Body Wrap Really Work to Lose Weight

Body wraps

Body wraps use three main techniques to lose weight and inches. These techniques are heat therapies, massage, and mineral absorption. Body wraps offer many benefits like improved metabolism, better-looking skin, losing water weight, and losing inches, etc.

The Body wraps  can help you lose one to two pounds. The main idea behind this scheme is that:

Our skin is our largest sensory organ and it can be used to absorb minerals, vitamins and to detoxify our body.

Earlier on, body wraps were treated as fashion-related products; because they are used to enhance your skin. Late in 1950s, body wraps began to emerge as healing techniques. If you are interested, read more on  the history of body wraps.

Detailed Body Wrap Procedure

At the beginning of the body wrap session, your skin is scrubbed gently to remove dead cells. Dead cells make you look aged. Scrubbing gives your skin a natural glow and promotes blood flow. Use a scrubbing mixture. Gently scrub specified skin area for 5 minutes and leave it for 10 minutes.
After scrubbing, cleansing milk is used to clean your skin.


Massage is the next step for you. A massage therapist can do it

massage therapy for body wraps

Massage therapy for body wraps

better. You can also do massage yourself. Please note that applying lotions on your skin is not massage.
In a massage, lotions, creams and essential oils (Neroli, Rosemary) are applied to your skin. Massage therapy lasts 10 to 15 minutes. It is a great relaxing experience. It promotes blood flow and lymphatic flow. Your body gets charged, and you are ready for wrapping procedure.

Wrapping Procedure

Lay down on a plastic sheet or blanket.
Apply an even thick layer of wrap mixture on the skin area. Body wrap mixture can be any required one like herbal, cellulite and slimmer wrap, etc.

After applying the body wrap mixture, heat is applied to the plastic sheet. This sheet is tightly wrapped around your body, and it becomes a “thermal blanket.” Application lasts 45 to 60 minutes. This session has two types:

Dynamic wrap
Static wrap

Dynamic wrap causes you to move or walk while you are wrapped. In a static wrap, you can just lay down and listen to music. Static wrap feels more like  the Egyptian mummy wrap; because you are wrapped with clay-like mixture. It is a side effect of body wraps session because you are left alone for an hour.

Steam Bath

Your 60 minutes are over. Now it is time to get unwrapped. Someone else should unwrap you with a warm shower. Tightening wrap session is finished; next step is the steam bath.

What is steam bath?

It is used to lose water weight. You will be taken to the steam bath chamber. The steam bath lasts for 20 to 25 minutes. It also depends on your stamina. Most people start sweating in 8 minutes, so the steam bath is maximum 20 minutes longer.


Come out of the steam room. Dry yourself completely. You have lost water weight. Drink 1 glass of water. Take some deep breaths and lay down.

Alovera moisturizer for body wraps

aloe vera as a moisturizer for the body wrap

Moisturizers like Aloe Vera and glycerin are applied  to soothe the skin pores. Your skin gets moisturized, and it looks great. You will feel improvement in your breathing.
There is a last thing to do, measurement check.

Measurement Check

Measurement checks are used to note the results of the body wrap sessions. Weight loss machine is used to check the decreased pounds. Most people can lose 4 inches and 1 pound in a single body wrap session.

Weight Loss with Body Wraps

Body wrap mixture is not just one cream. It is a complete package, that includes massage creams, vitamins C and E. Essential oils like Neroli, anti-aging gels,  are added. Creams, fat breaking amino acids, cellulite gels, mineral solutions, and lotions are also a part of this package.

Body wraps for weight loss bySlimCA

Body wraps for weight loss by SLimCA

All of these products are responsible for the results you get. If these products are not good, then you may not experience good results.

Another factor is the person who is doing the body wrap. Experts can do it better. The expert should be a certified practitioner from your state.

Considering these facts, we should answer this question.

“How much weight loss is possible?”

Nearly 1 or 2 pounds. I know there are many advertisements, which claim that you can lose up to 10 pounds in a single body, wrap session. It is not possible.

Losing more than 4 pounds in a month is dangerous for your health. So do not try to go for these quick schemes. More often, these schemes do not work in the real world.

Weight loss depends upon the body wrap you are using. Let us look at this procedure. If you are trying to lose weight, your body wrap must include:

  • Fat breaking amino acids like anti-cellulite gels
  • Heat therapies like infrared wraps. Heat is used to lose water weight and to break fat molecules.
  • Massage is used to reduce cellulite and promote blood circulation.
  • The steam bath helps you lose water weight.

There is no scientific evidence that these methods will work. A steam bath can help you lose water weight, but results are temporary. Heat therapies and anti-cellulite gels can produce results, but there is no guarantee. Also, results are short-lived.

So what can we expect from a body wrap session?

You will look young and slim. Your skin will gain its natural glow and beauty. In simple words, the body wrap is a body facial treatment.

Experiments have proved that you can lose 1 or 2 pounds in one session. It also depends upon your weight. If you are slim, there are chances that you will not lose even one pound. If you are overweight (BMI above 25) then you may lose 3 pounds in a single body wrap session.

In a short period of 6 months, you can do 15 body wrap sessions. You can lose 10 pounds easily which is safe and healthy, and it makes body wrap a safe application.

To your weight loss success!

SlimCA team.