Fitness Tip of the Day


Good morning California!I hope you are having a good day. Life is busy and it is getting cold here. I just thought, I have shared some tips related to fitness and weight loss. But, I guess things are not much organized here. Those fitness tips can be used over a period of year but, we need action. You cannot lose weight unless you take action. Daily action and daily implementation is required. So, in this post you will get “the fitness tip of the day”. There will be 7 fitness tips and you can use them for each day in the week. For example, you can use tip#1  as the fitness tip of Monday and so on…

Let’s get started.women doing cycling


Fitness Tip for Monday

Start the day with some exercise. I understand, Monday is busy. Children have to go back to school and you have to attend your job. So, make sure that you have prepared for breakfast on Sunday night. Do the exercise, and get ready for the whole week. Eat a full-nutrition breakfast so that you can remain energetic and strong.

A good start will surely help you have a great journey.


Fitness tip for Tuesday

Let’s celebrate Tuesday while drinking some great juices and drinks.  Pure lime juice can do a good job in this regard. Drink a lot of water. It is recommended that you drink 2 glasses of water early in the morning(as soon as you wake up). It helps in cleaning your kidneys and removing toxins from your body. Also add natural juices and salads in your meal  on Tuesday.


Fitness Tips for Wednesday

Do you know that you can accomplish anything  if you are feeling a drive to achieve it? Do you remember the time when you were so excited that you could not sleep all night? Such excitement and happiness is  a great gift. This great gift can help you enjoy many small & big moments of your life.

So, on Wednesay, it is your task to find a happy friend who can do exercise with you. Remember, we are preparing for the remaining 5 days of the week. It is important that you do exercise 3 times in a week. You have done the first session on Monday. The next session will begin on Wednesday.

Make use of famous digital weight loss devices. These devices can become good mentors for both you and your friend. Specific devices will also note down your workout and the miles covered.  Try to burn 4-5 calories in a minute and make sure that you do exercise for 30-40 minutes.


Fitness Tip for Thursday

You are not going to do exercise on Thursday.(Just joking, you can go outside and have fun). So, you will have some time for preparing some special meals for yourself. Now, think outside of the box. What do you think about a special dish? Just tell me, what is a special dish? It can be the meal cooked on Christmas evening or anything special. Try some new recipes and cook a dish full of colors, nutrition and variety. It will help you enjoy your meals and you will experience a new change in your daily routine.

Play football, fitness tip of the day

Men playing football, fitness tip of the day

Tip #5

Fitness Tip for Friday

Play something. Friday is all about drinking water and playing. Which game should be your choice? Well, there is no restriction. You can choose any game but, make sure that you will have fun. Run, jump and smile. This is the only exercise for this Friday. Enjoy!

Tip #6

Fitness Tip for Saturday

Saturday is about eating fruits and lots of vegetables. Take salads, make juices and eat raw vegetables. Just make sure, that you eat 3 sessions of fruits, and vegetables. You can take one session with breakfast and manage the other 2 in the whole day. Avoid tea on Saturday and keep focused on eating salads.

Fruits and vegetables

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Tip #7

Fitness Tip for Sunday

Allow yourself to be lazy and late on Sunday. You can wake up late in the morning but, you must come into action at the evening time.  Because, you will need to make some fresh juices and you will need to do some playful exercise workouts. Just relax, take bath, drink juices and enjoy yourself. Go to the park and play football or any other game that you  may like.

Tell me, what is your routine on each weekday? What do you do on holidays? I would like to listen to your details. So, do not forget to leave a comment. Thanks.

To your weight loss Success!