How to do Yoga to Lose Weight in California?

weight loss with yoga

SlimCA team, just reported the popularity of yoga among California people. In the recent 5 years, yoga has become a multi-million dollar industry in California.
Yoga offers many benefits along with weight loss and promises a peaceful and long life.
Nearly, every slimming center and fitness club offers yoga classes. Yoga can be done in a class or you can do it alone. Yoga help materials are easily available on the web.

weight loss with yoga

yoga for weight loss

Yoga is associated with 5000 years old Indian traditions. It has many advantages but the major ones are:

  • Good health
  • Improved working performance
  • A deep connection with the divine

Yoga was used to seek inner peace and calmness. Weight loss is just an extra advantage. From a western point of view, we do yoga to lose weight and to get into shape.
It is a known fact that yoga can help you get into shape. You can lose weight with yoga but it is not the sole purpose for doing yoga.
Any slimming center can teach you, how to do physical yoga steps. But to develop inner sense of divinity you will have to do yoga in the real sense of the meaning.
To do yoga, you need 3 important things:

  • yoga mat
  • Free time
  • A sample program to follow

Yoga for weight loss

Compared to other weight loss techniques, yoga produces slow results. Yoga can burn 2 calories per minute which is comparatively less than cardiovascular exercises.

weight loss with yoga

yoga for weight loss

Healthy Lifestyle

Yoga cannot bring instant changes in your life. Yoga teaches silence, mental discipline and calmness. To seek results you will have to adopt these great qualities.
Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle which is the key to weight loss. Quick weight loss schemes are short-lived. They cannot produce permanent results.
Yoga practice develops poise and mental discipline and thus it brings results which are permanent and long-lived.
Yoga urges us to slow down. If you are a regular yoga practitioner, you will rarely find yourself craving. Yoga helps you control emotional eating.
Yoga can help you lose weight if you :


  • can spare 20 minutes daily for yoga
  • will not check your calorie meter after every yoga session
  • will follow a balanced diet plan

Each yoga pose is based on “asanas” meaning pose. Each pose is held for the length of your breaths. You start a pose with inhale and end it on exhales.
Thus yoga affects your metabolism rate. Yoga poses can help your body get toned and you can get slim.
Yoga is not a religion. It is a spiritual activity.In yoga, we use our mind to relax the body and the body is used to relax the mind.
Yoga can be anything, you want it to be. For better results, do yoga in a spirit of faith and divinity. If used correctly, yoga can produce really amazing results.