How to Get Rid of Insomnia?

Tips for a better sleep by SlimCa

Tips to Get Rid of Insomnia?

We have all had that terrible night experience, when we want to sleep well but cannot. No matter, how hard we tried; our mind was wandering from one thought to the other one.

There can be many reason, why you cannot sleep well like

  • You watched a horror movie
  • Family issues
  • Business problems
  • Health issues
  • Disturbed Bio-clock
Get rid of Insomia in CA

How to get Rid of Insomnia? For CA citizens!

Those of us who have suffered from night mares, know what I am saying. Clock is ticking, it is 12.00 Am and I am still waking up even if I have to go to office.
This disturbed state is known as Insomnia. In this article, I will give you simple tips to get rid of insomnia.

Quality of Sleep

Your quality of sleep has a direct influence on your physical body. Better sleeping quality means increased metabolic rate. It results in a vibrant and energetic body. It also means positive effects on thyroid glands, digestive system, and sympathetic nervous system.


We did a little survey in CA and it showed us the reason, why most people in California  cannot sleep well. Results were quite interesting and obvious.

Family Issue

Family issues can cause insomnia problems. Especially when you have teenage children. In all these cases, a balanced person can deal with the issues. Do not get overwhelmed. Try to deal the issue squarely. Tension and anxiety results in poor health and insomnia, which is never a solution to the problem.
In real life, we all have responsibilities. We have so much to do like job, home duties, children and many other tasks and we get overwhelmed with that. Tension causes restlessness which in turn gives birth to insomnia. Fear of future and burden of today’s work takes the fun out of your life.

Business Problems

We all have to face certain problems in our life. Believe me, you will not find a single person who is not facing any trouble. It is the nature of our life experience. Business problems are like that. Ups and downs are a part of life. Business men who get worried, die quickly because they cannot handle stress.
It is a big reason for insomnia. Sleeping pills cannot work in this case.

Health problems

If you cannot sleep well because you are ill, then you are not suffering from “insomnia”. Insomnia is not a physical issue. It is a mental state which results in physical stress and tension. If you are suffering from health problems, you should consult your doctor. You can try tips discussed in this article.


In California, education and health are real expensive commodities.Education can be bought but you cannot buy physical fitness. Tension will do nothing other than making you look older and spending hundreds of dollars on your health.
To sleep well, try these options.


Tips for a better sleep by SlimCa

Tips for a better sleep by SLimCA.

  1. Take a warm shower. It optional. In summer, you may want to try a cold shower.
  2. Listen to your body needs. If you will listen carefully, you will know what you need to do. Some people can be relaxed by listening to music others can relax by reading a novel. Everyone is different, so, try something that will work for you.
  3. Turn off lights. Switch off your T.V. and PCs. Keep away from mobile phones and tablets. Bright screens and lights causes your mind to remain alert and keep thinking about them and you cannot sleep well.
  4. Sometimes when we go to bed, we are thinking about the things we have to do. We feel overwhelmed. At nighttime, we cannot do anything about our wish-to-do list. But our mind keeps thinking about them.
    It is a good practice to make a journal about them. Write down the things you have done today and your wish-to-do list. Now, appreciate yourself for the things you have done.
  5. Music can also help you get relax. When you turn on music, your brain cells respond to the musical vibrations, which in turn produce certain mood states and conditions. Sometimes Zen music and meditation mantras can also disturb your focus. So, be careful.
  6. At nighttime, handover all your worries to your creator. Forget about all tensions and problems. Feel free like a child. Think about some beautiful past memories. Get involved with them. Feel them. Believe them; dream about them. Do it until you forget where you were.

Another factor that we noticed in our survey is the

Disturbed bio-clock

We all know what a bio-clock means. Our body is intelligent and it knows our habitual patterns. Our body knows the timing of our meals. So if you eat lunch at 1.00PM  everyday, you will feel hungry at this time. When you do not eat on time, you disturb this bio-clock system. You do not listen to your body. It is true for sleeping disorders.


Biological clock disturbance

Biological clock disturbance causes sleeping disorders.


Body Intelligence

Our body knows the sleeping time. At certain times, our body gets sleepy but we are busy with news channels and unnecessary chatting. Therefore, we ignore this body message completely.

Now one hour later, we want to go to sleep but the time has passed. Bio-clock system is disturbed. You try to sleep and you cannot.
Our brain does not sit idle. Psychologists claim that our mind is like a monkey who jumps from one tree branch to other one.

Mind Wandering.. Solution? Meditate

Our mind wanders from one thought to the other one. When we cannot sleep, we get lost into the oceans of thoughts, going from one place to the other one.
To solve this problem we take sleeping pill and shake which is again a disturbance for bio-clock system.

By taking sleep pills our body loses its natural healthy rhythm. If you want to sleep well, first always listen to your body needs. It will tell you when it is sleepy or not and stop using sleeping pills.


To sleep well you will have to achieve physical stillness so that you can shut down your thoughts and relax physically. Meditation helps us in that case.

If you want to achieve complete relaxation, you will have to concentrate completely and if you can do that, then there is no need for pills and medications.
This step is a little difficult to do but the results are good. Try these simple tips and they will produce amazing results as compared to sleeping pills.

Now you can sleep easily, relax easily and wake up happily in the morning!