How To Lose Weight In 24 Hours?

Weight Loss in 24 Hours

Losing weight in 24 hours is not difficult. By using some simple tips, you can easily lose 2 to 3 pounds in a day. Set a goal for yourself but set some realistic goal. It is not recommended to lose 30 pounds in 24 hours.

Losing more than 24 hours in a month is dangerous for your health. This is not Disney land; we cannot afford to lose 30 pounds in a day.

Weight loss takes some time and patience. There are quick weight loss schemes that work but they are not recommended. Because these schemes do not produce permanent results.

Before using 24 hour weight loss scheme, you must know that results are temporary. You will lose water weight due to steam room, exercise, body wraps and because of your diet plan.

24-hour weight loss plan

weight loss in 24 4hours. Made possible!

How to lose weight in 24 hours?

What should be your diet plan to lose weight in 24 hours? Well! We recommend this diet plan. This diet plan is taken from the famous 3-day diet plan. Plan is as follow:

  1. You will be taking a cup of black coffee (no sweetener) with ½ grape fruit, 1-tablespoon butter, and a toast in breakfast.
  2. In lunch, you may take black tea with a toast and half cup of tuna.
  3. In dinner 3 oz lean meat with 1 apple, 1 grape fruit and a cup of carrots.

This diet plan uses approximately 1000 calories in a day, so that it can ensure your weight loss success.

Body wraps

Body wraps can be used to lose weight in 24 hours; because they produce quick results. Body wraps also use massage therapies, heat therapies, and steam room to lose weight quickly.

Steam room

Steam room is a good choice. If you want to lose weight in the next 24 hours, it is an indication that you want to attend a party or some special event. Steam room can help you in this case. It will open your skin pores. Because of high temperature, you will be sweating and it helps your skin get rid of toxins and excessive fluids. Your skin will look young and tight.

Avoid fries and Salts

Do not take salts and spices for the next 24 hours. Also do not even think about fries, alcohol and drinks.

Avoid starchy Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are an important part of our meal but starchy carbohydrates like refined sugar and potatoes are not good for our weight loss efforts.

Cardiovascular Exercises

What are cardiovascular exercises? These exercises are meant to increase your heartbeats. So anything that can help you increase your heart rate will fall in the category of cardiovascular exercises. It can be walking, running, home exercises, yoga, bicycling, swimming, aerobic exercises and weight lifting etc.

You can try different cardiovascular exercises according to your lifestyle. Walking, running and weight lifting is a good choice for most people. If your slimming center has a swimming pool, then go ahead swim a little. It is a great cardiovascular exercise.

Do not do cardiovascular exercises for more than 60 minutes.

Drinking water

24-hour weight loss is dependent upon water weight loss. Steam room and cardiovascular exercises will work only if you are well hydrated. When you are thirsty, your body sticks to the water weight and it stores toxins and unnecessary fluids. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water in next 24 hours. Water reduces hunger and it promotes weight loss.