Let’s Celebrate 4th July

Congratulations California! Now this state is 237 Years old.

Happy independence day to all of you. I know you are getting ready for 4 July parties and events. It is a national event, and we must American flag celebrates it. So, in this post I am going to share unique ideas to celebrate independence day party. Next, we will discuss some simple fitness tips for this day.

These tips are not only for 4 July, but you may use them in your routine life. But let’s be patriotic and have some fun.

Ideas to Celebrate 4th July

Run a Race

Independence day is all about remembering our mission. It is about playing our part for the betterment of a great society. It is about sharing love and memories.
So, join hands with each other and let’s get involved in some lovely activities. Go to your gym and ask your friends to schedule a race with you.
It is fun, but it can be more enjoyable if you plan a great event. Invite your friends for dinner and before dinner; go out for a race. Do not forget to give a surprise to the winner.
Take some cools pics and share with your friends.

Join an event

All historical places, colleges, and gyms arrange special events to celebrate 4th July. Why not go and join one?

These kinds of parties are filled with great energy and enthusiasm. Everyone is excited and happy. Human life is all about exploring our journeys. We have desires, and we all proceed toward achieving those desires.

Whenever you fulfill your desires, do remember that your success is not only yours but you have provided a great men to American Society.

Let’s take energy from this patriotic event of 4 July and fulfill our dreams for the betterment of ourselves and our country.

Do not forget to decorate your home on this day. Schedule an outdoor get-together party with your friends and family. Listen to your national anthem.

How to Decorate your home on 4 July?

Decorating your home is a fun activity(if you are on holiday). Fortunately, 4th July is a national holiday.

Decorating your home can become expensive but do not make it. You can get many items on less than 99 cents per item. Other items may cost you less than 10$. Celebration is not about expensive items, but it is about love and faith.
Just go to your nearby decoration shop (or shop Amazon) and buy little items like ribbons, balloons, candles, and fireworks.

Just celebrate America’s birthday with things colored red, blue and white. Raise American flag at your home and car. You can buy handicrafts, ribbons, balloons, toys, curtains and little accessories like paper flowers and pinwheels, etc.

Invite children to your home and ask them for help in decorating your home. Kids are naughty and creative. They will give you some cool, and messy ideas but the ideas will be unique and different from all other.

Fireworks display. 4th July Celebrations by SLimCA

Enjoy Fireworks

Listen to music. Make the noise. Buy firecrackers and enjoy fireworks. These events are meant to be Fireworks display. 4th July Celebrations by SLimCAcelebrated with fun and passion. Hotels have great fireworks display. Go and enjoy them.

Yummy Desserts

Events can be made more special by cooking some special desserts. Do not forget to decorate your desserts in an American way.

Nail polish design in an american way

Fashion industry is great as it can be involved with any event. On this event of 4 July, just focus a little bit on your makeup.

Blend your makeup with the greatness of independence day. Just look at this picture.You can design your nail polish in that way. You can wear a blue shirt with white lines.
Now let’s go toward our fitness tips for 4th July. No.1 rule is that stop dieting. Do not deprive yourself of eating chocolates and desserts.

Cut the chocolate into two halves

That is a good rule. Instead of eating full piece of chocolate, cut it into two pieces. Eat the one and save the one.
Do the same with desserts. Instead of going for a full desert; go for half one.

Avoid Drinking

In American society, it sounds ridiculous to say “I do not drink.” People will look at you and think you are crazy.But that is the policy we have to adopt for a better life.
Try to say No to drinks.
That is it. It is independence day, so we only shared two tips.
Happy Independence day!
To your weight loss Success!
SlimCA team.

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