Simple Beauty, Body Wrap Salon

Simple Beauty

The Bay Area’s Original Mineral Inch Loss Body Wrap Salon

2570 San Ramon Valley Blvd.
Suite # 203
San Raman, CA 94583
Call at: 925.327.0776

A review by SlimCA team

A great slimming center with great body wrap services. Simple beautiful is located in East bay, South bay and San Fransisco Bay area.
Customers have reported really good reviews about this slimming center. They offer a wider range of body wrap programs like

Simple Beauty body wrap salon

Simple Beauty body wrap salon

cellureduce, fat burning, flat tummy, power, dream lay-down, anti-aging, excellerator body wrap etc.
They claim that you will see amazing results after the first session. Their physicians will take you to a private room and will measure certain areas of your body. After that you will be wrapped with bandages soaked in mineral solution for one hour. After that, you will see the result by the measurement of lost inches.
They also offer a wide range of beauty products. Their products are featured on more than 20 sites online.