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Hello, My Dear Friend!

It is good to see you here. We proudly welcome you to Slimca.com.

Why we are building this business?

Why  we are thinking about a Slim California? I Know 90% of weight loss blogs are optimized for the people of America and Australia. Then why should we bother you with another weight loss site.

First and foremost, I love California. So “You  Dear Citizen of California”; this website is optimized for California. California is very dear to me and I want to serve this state. I have watched slimming centers, gyms and health clubs in California and they all are doing a good job here.

But one thing is missing here. Most of them are talking about weight loss. Through this site I have managed to communicate with some of the biggest slimming experts in California so that we do not have to stick with this “weight loss” slogan.

It is a famous quote” Do not lose weight because if you will lose it, you want to get it back”.


So, this site is not just about weight loss. It is about a different lifestyle to live a slim life.

I and my whole team( including my research team, site developers, doctors and medical experts) are working together to compile a list of slimming centers for you. So that you can live your dream lifestyle in a slim and inexpensive way.

We want to help you live a slim life by developing good habits and a great slim culture and on the pages of this site, you will find the same.


Because We love “YOU and CALIFORNIA”.

May you have a great slim life!


Thanks for visiting us. Stay blessed.


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